Buying a house is one of the most important decisions of anyone's life, and involves a great financial effort, often using up the savings of an entire lifetime and possibly also requiring a mortgage which will take many years to pay back.

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Inmo Expo Benidorm 2019, from competitors to collaborators

The real estate agents of the Costa Blanca no longer see each other as mere competitors. A work methodology based on collaboration is becoming established within the real estate transactions carried out on the Mediterranean coast.

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The ideal client in the real estate business

Buying a house is one of the greatest investments a person can make in their life.

Therefore, real estate agents need to carry out an exhaustive investigation of their contacts to ensure they can provide them with the best service as well as making sure the transaction will be carried out with all the guarantees.


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Essential paperwork when buying a new build property

Interest in purchasing new build properties is growing exponentially. According to the Profile of buyers of new builds in 2017-2018 report published by Fotocasa, the number of buyers intending to purchase newly built homes has risen from 8% to 15% in the space of just one year.

Also, according to Daniel Cuervo, general secretary of the Spanish Association of Developers and Constructors (APCE), between 70% and 90% of new developments construction of which began in 2016 were sold during the first 9 months.

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Collaboration between Costa Blanca agencies and developers

Real estate agents and agencies who want to find the best homes on the Costa Blanca to offer their buyers have a great opportunity in store in the form of the Feria InmoExpo real estate fair, which will be held in Benidorm on the 23rd of February.

 ticket inmoexpo fair benidorm real estate agents

ModernHouse will be present as an exhibitor and will be using their stand to reveal details of their "key in hand" real estate opportunities Villa Hydra and Villa Tee, located respectively in Benissa and Finestrat, excellent locations in which to enjoy the Costa Blanca. 

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The most exclusive villas our clients have bought on the Costa Blanca

2018 was a year to remember, we sold not just our villas in Polop de la Marina but also our villas in Finestrat, both located on the Costa Blanca, more specifically in the Marina Baja area.

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Last villa available in Benissa Costa: Villa Hydra

Can you imagine having breakfast every morning on your private terrace with sea views, enjoying magnificent temperatures all year round?

Villa Hydra is a great final opportunity to enjoy the Costa Blanca in your own home.

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7 common mistakes when selling villas on La Costa Blanca


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Villa in Benissa Costa, last one up for Sale

Modernhousespain constructs Villa in Benissa Costa

Why build a Villa project in Benissa Costa?

We’re builders with over 30 years’ experience and more than 5,000 buildings constructed and sold on the Costa Blanca, where we have always sought out very attractive and tourist- friendly locations in which to promote our real estate projects for our buyers, who are of a broad range of nationalities: Belgian, Dutch, German, Russian, French, Norwegian, British, etc.

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The northern Costa Blanca or a rich land of contrasts

The story of our lives is also the story of the places we visit and especially those we choose to live in. You know that we chose the Costa Blanca because we wanted to be near the sea and to experience what had already driven so many people to flock to a land which seemed to have it all. We know this may seem an exaggeration but it’s true. Sometimes, words simply cannot describe the generosity and virtues that come with experience. Ours goes back decades and, therefore, we modestly believe we can speak with authority about a region which took us in and showed us that richness isn’t just about personal and family growth. It’s about sharing too, and ensuring that others have the chance to benefit from what you’ve already been lucky enough to experience.

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