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2020 new villa decor trends


The 5 top new villa decoration trends for 2020.

A new development villa is like a blank canvas for each owner to paint with their chosen colours. Although that provides plenty of potential and flexibility, decorating a new property from scratch isn't always easy. Lack of experience or fear of getting it wrong means many owners would rather leave decorating their homes to the professionals.

At Modern House we have various ways to help people buying a new home overcome their fears. As well as providing them with the opportunity to visit other villas which have already been built and decorated, we have collaboration agreements with local shops and suppliers to facilitate contact and enable new owners to decorate their properties quickly and easily, even if they live abroad.

If you're going to take the plunge and decorate a villa from scratch, here are the 5 leading trends in new villa decoration for 2020.

1. Wood as a main player 

Wood is a material that brings much warmth to rooms. Far from the rustic look this type of material often creates, the wood that is now being used as a main player in decor comes in a great variety of styles such as Nordic, industrial or Scandinavian.

Go for minimally treated natural wood and, as well as a modern, comfortable space, you'll create a sustainable and environmentally friendly home. 


Semi-basement at Villa Tee, 15 minutes from the beaches of Altea and Benidorm

2. A flood of light

More than a 2020 villa decoration trend, natural light is a timeless, essential element that needs to be boosted in every sort of room we decorate.

All Modern House's villas have large windows that facilitate entry of natural daylight. Moreover, our villas are built to make the most of the sun's light and warmth at any time of year.

By employing light colours you'll make decorating easy and make spaces appear lighter and more spacious.


Lounge-dining room at Villa Birdie in Finestrat

3. Less is more

And not just because it's in fashion. By following the less is more theory as a rule of thumb for decorating, you'll create ordered settings in which every element acquires the protagonism it deserves.

If you have a splendid dining table in natural wood with views of a beautiful swimming pool, you won't need anything else to make your Costa Blanca villa look spectacular.


Villa Maia in Benissa Costa (sold)

4. Sinuous curves

Rectilinear spaces are a thing of the past. Curves are all the rage in 2020 decor. From traditional round tables to carpets, mirrors, lamps and chairs.

Curves are ideal to soften settings, providing that touch of modernity that all Costa Blanca villas appear to be begging for. 


Villa Hydra in Benissa (sold)

5. Nature lovers 

If there's one thing that's really in fashion in 2020, it's the inclusion of natural elements. 

At Modern House we collaborate with local suppliers to ease the task of decorating their villas for our clients. In December 2019 we signed a collaboration agreement with Art Viu, a company specialising in creating vertical gardens, a way of decorating spaces by integrating all the essence of nature in a sustainable way. 



Vertical garden created by Art Viu (Facebook)


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Modern House , 20 February 2020

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