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5 effective techniques for selling a house off plan


5 techniques which you should know as a real estate agent to succeed at selling a property off plan.

What if it isn't what we were expecting? What if the delivery date gets put off too long? What if the materials aren't of as good a quality as we were promised? There's an endless list of questions and concerns which you have to answer day after day as a real estate agent.

All property transactions raise concerns among buyers, and even more so if the home they're purchasing hasn't been built yet.

We recently spoke of the difficulties involved in selling a property off plan. In today's article, we're going to share 5 effective techniques that will help you sell this type of property. 

1. Provide legal security 

The real estate crisis left its mark on all of us. Fears about buying property are even worse when it comes to this type of home due to the number of buyers who not only never received their dream homes but were also left out of pocket as they had handed over considerable amounts of money in advance.

To combat this fear and provide more security to the buyer, Modern House grants Public under Construction Purchase Deeds to all buyers from the beginning of our projects. 

Likewise, all our properties are delivered with all the necessary paperwork to facilitate their inscription at the Property Registry: works completion certificate, ten-year defect insurance, utilities certificates (required for connection to mains), affidavit and energy performance certificate.

2. Invest in multimedia content 

When a property is shown empty, buyers have great trouble imagining the spaces. How to tell between one room and another if they all look the same? Plans help organise the elements, but at the end of the day they're just lines on paper with no emotional connections to the buyer. 

To bring spaces to life and impress a possible buyer with an off plan property's potential, infographics and videos are essential elements. The more realistic the image we display of our dream villa, the nearer we come to helping our buyers make the final decision.

Planta 3d

Infographic of our available promotion in Gasparot, Villajoyosa.

3. Offer visits to show Villas 

Once the buyer has seen what the spaces will look like with infographics and videos, the next step is to help them imagine what their life would be like within those four walls. Show villas are a great option here. 

At Modern House, we provide both our collaborators and our end clients with the possibility of visiting some of our finished villas in person. This allows them to see the materials we employ, the finishes, decorative elements, distribution, etc.

Plus, they will always have the chance to visit their villa during construction to see how work is progressing. 


4. After-sale service 

A sale doesn't end on the day the papers are signed at the Notary for a good Costa Blanca real estate agent. A good professional's tasks include dealing with all the procedures the buyer will have to face to get the property ready to move into. These include:

  • Connecting utilities (water, electricity, heating...) 
  • Moving in
  • Decoration and furnishing (point of contact with local suppliers)  
  • Advice on life in the area (nearby services, restaurants, schools...) 

These matters become even more important when the new owners live elsewhere, as if it wasn't for the assistance of a real estate agent they would have to try and sort all these things out from a distance. 

5. Delivery times

One of the most common concerns when it comes to buying houses off plan is to do with delivery times. While the competition offer delivery periods of 12-18 months, Modern House commits to delivering all the villas they build in a period of 7 months. 


*Along with these 5 techniques to sell a house off plan, telling the buyer about everything to do with the process they are about to begin, as well as the expenses and taxes they will have to pay, is of vital importance to provide the transaction with greater security and comfort. 


At Modern House, we've included all these topics in our Guide to purchasing property. 

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Modern House , 13 February 2020

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