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Challenges for the real estate sector in times of Coronavirus: Episode II


Working from home is far from easy when you're a real estate agent. Visits to the Notary, the Property Registry, bank branches.... confinement makes these and many other tasks we generally have to be out and about for very hard to carry on with. 

Last week we explained which real estate procedures can be carried out during a State of Alarm. This week, we're going to suggest 5 very useful things that all real estate agents can do while they're stuck at home. 

We know this is a difficult time, but we can assure you that by doing these 5 things, you can make the most of your time and get the most out of your days while you have to work from home.

1. Update your website 

This is one of the tasks every real estate agent tends to put off for as long as possible. There are many, varied reasons for this: little knowledge, insufficient time, lack of new ideas...

You're going to have to spend a lot of time at home now, so you won't find a better moment to get to work on everything you've been putting off. Does your website answer the most common questions clients ask during the sales-purchase process? Is your content well-structured and easy to access?

Start by asking yourself these questions, and get to work.

2. Update your training

It takes little more than a glance at social media to find hundreds of webinars, training sessions and courses of all shapes and sizes. Due to the lockdown, many schools and educational companies have decided to open up part of their syllabus to the public.

Have a look at what's available, and sign yourself up for a photography course that sounds good, a Photoshop masterclass or a webinar on the best tools for online meetings, for example. 

3. Show an interest in your contacts 

Now is not the time to sell a home. Now is the time to stay at home. Any sort of marketing communications, therefore, could be counterproductive. At this time, your contacts are too concerned about the Coronavirus to think about anything much else.

Show an interest in them. A real interest. Call the clients you're closest to and ask them how they are coping with the current situation. Send an email to the contacts you have a more distant relationship with and give them some friendly encouragement. Don't talk about selling or buying property, talk to their hearts.

4. Seek new collaborators 

You have more spare time now than ever, and your collaborators are probably in the same boat. Make the most of this time to get to know new developers who provide services in your area. Look for real estate agents to collaborate with who may be able to help you finally sell that property that's been on the market for so long. Do some research on the best renovation agencies in your town or city and draw up agreements with them.


Real Estate Collaboration Agreement


This might not be the best time to make decisions, but that doesn't mean you can't research and gather all the necessary information to help you make the correct decision when the time is right.

5. Take care of yourself

The last, but not least, of our tips is to take care of yourself. A lot of care! And we don't just mean you should stay at home and wash your hands frequently (though you should do that too!) We mean you should take care of both your physical and your mental health.

We're all going to be stuck indoors for many days, so we recommend that you read, do some exercise, eat well and, in short, do everything that makes you happy which your normal, busy daily life leaves you little time for.


Felix Ramirez , 31 March 2020

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