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How to provide legal certainty for your property buyer

One of the greatest fears for buyers of off-plan properties is related to the fact that they have to pay some amounts in advance before they can see their future new home finished.

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Claims periods for flaws in a newly built villa

When we move into a newly built villa on the Costa Blanca, we're very excited and enthusiastic. The home we had always dreamed of, steps from the beach and with all the comforts and style that characterise the modernist villas of the area

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7 questions you should ask buyers before showing them properties

A lot is said about the questions a buyer should ask before viewing a new development villa on the Costa Blanca: purchase terms, quality of materials employed, surface area...

Little, however, is said about the questions that all real estate agents should ask their buyers before they even take them to see the first property available for sale. 

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Can I take out a green mortgage for my home?

Not cold in the winter or hot in the summer. That's the goal pursued by Passive Houses, a type of building based on seeking the greatest energy efficiency that now also enjoys more beneficial conditions when it comes to taking out a mortgage loan.

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5 types of buyer you should avoid

Real estate agents' eagerness to close a sale sometimes make them overlook unmistakable signs that the buyers they're dealing with will never actually complete the purchase.

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Alicante, the province where most foreigners buy properties in

Of all the properties purchased in Alicante during the first quarter of 2019, 40.9% were acquired by foreign buyers. That is revealed by the Real Estate Statistics by the College of Registrars. Alicante therefore positions itself as the favourite Spanish province for foreigners to buy property in. 

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