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Preventive measures against Covid-19 for the construction sector


Following the 15 day-hiatus, construction of new development properties has resumed in our country. After the Government's announcement, our workers have once again climbed the scaffolding and are strictly complying with all the prevention measures which have been recommended for the sector.

Our goal? To be able to deliver all our villas on the Costa Blanca while, above all, safeguarding our workers' health.

Operation guidelines for Construction Sites

At the request of the Government, social agents within the construction sector (employers and trade unions) have drawn up a list of Operation guidelines for preventive measures against Covid-19 for building sites.

This Guide has been provided to all our workers, who build the dream homes of dozens of people who year after year decided to set up home on the Costa Blanca or build their ideal holiday home there.

At Modern House, we have wished to share this comprehensive Guide (currently only available to download in Spanish language) with all of our clients and collaborating agents to enable you to learn first hand of the strict preventive measures we're maintaining on our building sites.

Guide of preventive measures against covid-19

Compliance with the preventive measures against Covid-19 calls for an even greater commitment and effort from our workers, yet we know they are essential to enable us all to protect our health and that of our loved ones.

Below, we provide a short summary of the preventive measures against Covid-19 which Modern House has put into practice on all our building sites:

Training, information and coordination 

Everyone within our organisation has been informed of the protocols to follow in their respective positions. At Modern House, we're committed to providing the necessary training to work safely and we request the maximum collaboration from everyone involved.

Upon entering the site 

Anyone with symptoms such as a cough, high temperature or breathlessness, or who has been in contact with a person who has tested positive, must inform the person in charge.

Whenever possible, our workers will travel individually to the site. The vehicle must be disinfected after every journey, especially the door handles, gear stick and steering wheel.

Access to the site, and provision of materials, will be spread out to guarantee the two-metre safety distance is respected. The workers must all wash their hands following State guidelines before starting work.

While working on the site 

Work will be planned and tasks and materials organised in a manner that allows the regulatory safety distance to be maintained. Protective materials will be provided (gloves, mask, protective mask...) whenever personal contact is unavoidable.

Travel will be kept to a minimum during the working day and work equipment such as harnesses or ear and eye protectors will not be shared under any circumstances.

Breaks and rests 

Our workers will be following a continuous timetable to try to avoid coinciding with people on other shifts. Maximum capacity levels will be set for communal areas and every effort will be made to avoid crowds gathering at break times.

During breaks, workers are not permitted to leave the site or to share glasses, bottles or cutlery with their mates.

Cleaning of bathrooms and communal areas will be reinforced, as will workers' personal hygiene (mainly hands).

Upon leaving the site 

At the end of the working day, all our building sites will be left perfectly clean and disinfected (tool sheds, door knobs, switches, handles...). All equipment must also be disinfected thoroughly.

Our workers must, in this order, wash their hands well, remove their masks, their work clothes and their gloves. When they get home, the workers must wash their clothes on a long cycle at a high temperature.


* These are just some of the general recommendations that Modern House's workers are putting into practice to safeguard their health and that of their loved ones. You can obtain more information (currently only available in Spanish language) by downloading the Comprehensive Guide of preventive measures against Covid-19 for building sites via the following button: 

Construction sector preventive measure guidelines

Modern House , 17 April 2020

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